.​.​. Plays the Hits

by Robotman

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Song from 2005 - 2015. Here are some. There are many more.


released June 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Robotman London, UK

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Track Name: Swing By
if i come home would you swing by
bury your brain in my skull
and you'll have mind

stare straight down a camera lens
a purfectly shaped eye
to view you through
a stream of digital colour

don't look back
tired of that
sleep in stone
until i come home

i remember in fading lights
silhouettes rise and fall
on a bedroom wall

push your fingers into my eyes
broken bright blue glass
pitch black echoes
in the back of my mind

keep your head
if you can
truth be told
if i come home

bury your brain in my skull
and you'll have mine
if i come home
would you swing by
Track Name: Tap Tap
the sky is black with birds
the thunder clap breaks the earth back
eacj seed sown will have it's turn
to grow and feel for light in dirt

the farmers daughter is getting older
she cut me down
to fall with the autumn
her hands were cold like a northern ocean
i still feel them on me

i was a bloody birth
in a blacked out room
a silent dream in the coldest tomb
no murder scream
no shuddering blasphemy
did you expect something sweet

the sky is black with birds
they spiral up forever
the coldest weather
the fury of men huddled in corners
the shadow of a whispering trauma

remember the moment you lost what you loved

snap the neck back
drop in codeine and tap water
swell in your sleep it was never a dream
it was the bloodiest birth
in the blackest room
a hooror show in an ancient tomb
no murder scream
no shuddering blasphemy
did you expect something sweet
Track Name: Deadweight
Driving at night I roll the window down
the air is cold and hurricane force thoughts
are coming and blowing around

It crossed my mind a crucifix
with slick back hair in cars we kissed
a tangled mess of blood and flesh outlines

you drain my blood like motor oil
like petrol fueled my paranoia
if you say tha you're leaving then why are you still here

this city will burn a million bright lights
a neon sea I swim with the night life
and drown in the darkness on my way back home

out on the road i drive until my eyes sink
with the sunset and turn with the planets
I dream of what I could but will not be

kick at my chronological constraints
fears that hit me hard like a freight train
it deadweight i cut clean away
Track Name: Saint Someone
my darling ran off with her own shadow
it followed her back home
she was ready to die
lost lots of blood
to the vampire sky it would not hold off
and it pour from her eyes and into the dark
i'd be born blind if it was up to us
I don't know if I can explode
in peace or in pieces

drink with me mary
run your fingers through me
turn the light off

i've run like a dog
on days i've dragged my feet
could not keep up with me
where did she go
she sweared she would
sing to god with her high heels on
religion moans in cathedral stone
bedrooms got boarded up
so I'm letting this swim out in the blue
like a dream I won't admit to

drink with me mary
run your pockets for me
tear the skyline down
Track Name: Emperor
Indian summer I told you
you're going to burn your skin
I watched you cut your hair over
the bathroom sink

the emperor of exmoor screamed
through the shop front TVs
saying it's all over for me

Rose garden grown on the coast of Goa
blood soaked curtain
there's no face just raw hate
and everything's got a price
the empress decides
saying its all over for you

hell, hell, hell
no nothings going to come clean
watch it all come back in the 21st century

take me over oceans to Tasmanian ghostland
the spectrum's just black and white
it's no fair fight
there's a silent shivering death
after the cannonade blast
saying you'll never leave this place

the burning palace fires out molten heat
the city slums just sing themselves to sleep
there's an infinite space when history's erased
you can't start over again

hell, hell, hell
the sun's swinging high
up above the blood circus sky
hell, hell, hell
the moons pale eye
it's a goddamn death stare in your mind
Track Name: Marzanna
I've been here before where the light's always off
in the back of my mind are the days I've lost
the radio is dying on me
disco lights seizure
my body aches like hell can someone turn it off

and when morning breaks and open ups
it seems decadent to let time slip
drink my spinal fluid baby
don't you dare come try
and wake me up this time
good god i'm feeling numb

sink fast or die trying
come back to me again
sink fast or die trying
come back to me

and through the night
hell hounds
track up and down in silence
terror squad straight jacket
if i can't breathe i'm a statuette
and yet it come towards me forever

antichrist sipping shadows out of my mind
i'll learn to love you
things take time
i'll know when i wake up
Track Name: Pale Summer
When you dream
do you see me sinking in to your skin
pale eyes like ice melting
upon hot white coals
does it make you feel uncomfortable

made a start
to tear the world apart
it's terrible it sparks up like old flintlocks
and cannons fire into the sun
the kind of war that can't be won

in principal i kill the cameraman
he's got my soul
he got your's to you know
the world just echoes around machines
an electrical fever dream

and i'll return a flipbook in reverse
i can't do that
so i'll walk the narrow track
do you dream of me wrapped in sheets
and ghostly sleep

and i'll try and sleep it off
i might be here when morning comes
and walk forever in the night
while the eons roll by

when you dream
do you see me sinking in to your skin
pale eyes like spider eggs
do you dream of me
dressed in black and sickening
Track Name: Sun Sun Sun
all that sunlight drips down my back
i wore a hood
can't stop my eyes from rolling up
into my head
regardless of the circumstances
i felt the summer breeze
move like finger through my hair
felt it tug on my sleeve
i swear it whispered in my ear
come be sick in the sun
come and sweat in the shade
i want to boil your blood
put some heat in your veins

all that sunlight runs through my skull
it moves like fire
diamond tipped tooth ache
talk a while to myself
i hum the words
they're a slanderous swell
it fills the air with thunder claps
and hellfire hyms
each word's a hundred thousand siren spins
come be sick in the sun
come and sweat in the shade
boil blood on your tongue
it puts heat in your veins
Track Name: Drowning Game
where'd you go youloewered the boat
at the water's edge
and time just pours like waterfalls
and scatters in the wind

death came dressed in silouettes
crawled across the floor
to pull in close and whisper ghosts
down a spinal cord

go on
pass on
go on

hear the rain on the barricade
the thunder's in the drum
no pharaoh's tomb or catacomb
could hold everyone

each memory keeps sentry
on those that you love
but love's a mess or joke at best
and tears the world apart

don't speak of death from the parapet
when you know whats to come
through morphine slur there's no counter curse
to make it undone

there's a fading blue like an old tattoo
that covers everything
an old photograph that holds the past
for eternity

go on
pass on
go on